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New Honwave Inflatables

Honwave Inflatable Boats


Portable and lightweight, our Honwave inflatables are perfect as a tender for coastal exploration, fishing or simply gliding over the open water. With the addition of a Honda marine engine, the pair will make it easy riding all the way. That’s because our innovative, large diameter inflatable tubes ensure top class flotation and stability. All Honwave models are constructed using a durable, high quality PVC fabric, not only ensuring maximum durability and performance, but providing total usability and enjoyment. And with the option of a V-shaped hull, they can smooth out even the roughest of rides.

Honda Marine Brochure
Honda Marine
Honda Marine Accessories Brochure
Honda Marine
Honda Marine Price List
Honda Marine
Price List


There are three types of floor to choose from – but which is right for you?

Honwave slatted deck
(from 2.0m to 2.5m)

The slatted Honwave floor comes in two sizes and its light and compact design means it can be folded and stored in just minutes – all by a single person, no problem at all.

Smooth Cruising
Honwave aluminium deck
(from 2.5m to 4m)

But if you take your fun a little more seriously, then our aluminium-deck inflatables are an extra-rugged option. Suitable for just about any nautical need, their extra large buoyancy tubes mean even smoother cruising.

The V-sign
Honwave air v-floor
(from 2.4m to 3.8m)

Our air V-floor inflatables are all about performance and agility. Their vibration-dampening floors help soften the ride and their deep-V hull design ensures the best possible stability at virtually any speed.

Honwave deck
Honwave deck
Honwave by Honda warranty


Like our inflatables, a Honda warranty is the best you can get.

Every Honda Marine customer can expect the support of a domestic or professional warranty. It will maintain the same value throughout its warranty period. That means your last day of cover is as good as your first.

We think that’s pretty unbeatable too.

Ride the wave
Honwave Slatted Floor
Slatted Floor
2.0m (T20-SE2)
2.5m (T25-SE2)
Honwave Auluminium Floor
Aluminium Floor
2.5m (T25-AE2)
3.0m (T30-AE2)
3.5m (T35-AE2)
4.0m (T40-AE2)
Honwave Air V-Floor
Air V-Floor
2.4m (T24-IE2)
2.7m (T27-IE2)
3.2m (T32-IE2)
3.8m (T38-IE2)
Type T20-SE2 T25-SE2
Length (cm) 200 250
Beam (cm) 144 156
Inner Length (cm) 121 153
Inner Beam (cm) 61 68
Tube Dia. (cm) 40 43.5
Packed Size (cm) 107x60x32 112x60x34
Net Weight (kg) 27 34
Max Engine (hp) 4 6
Capacity (Adult/Child) 2/- 3/-
Loaded Weight (kg) 250 440
Chambers 3 3
Floor Slatted Slatted
Category D C
Type T25-AE2 T30-AE2 T35-AE2 T40-AE2
Length (cm) 250 297 353 395
Beam (cm) 156 157 170.5 189
Inner Length (cm) 153 195.5 244 279
Inner Beam (cm) 68 68 80.5 90
Tube Dia. (cm) 43.5 43 45 49
Packed Size (cm) 112x65x38 112x65x38 122x72x43 129x79x45
Net Weight (kg) 45 54 73 86
Max Engine (hp) 6 15 20 30
Capacity (Adult/Child) 3/- 4/- 5/- 7-
Loaded Weight (kg) 440 610 700 1050
Chambers 3+Keel 3+Keel 3+Keel 3+Keel
Floor Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Category C C C C
Type T24-IE2 T27-IE2 T32-IE2 T38-IE2
Length (cm) 240 267 320.5 376
Beam (cm) 154 153 153.5 170
Inner Length (cm) 148 177 229 262
Inner Beam (cm) 67.5 67.5 67.5 80
Tube Dia. (cm) 42.5 42.5 42.5 44
Packed Size (cm) 112x60x34 112x65x38 112x65x38 122x72x43
Net Weight (kg) 33 34 39 48
Max Engine (hp) 6 8 15 25
Capacity (Adult/Child) 3/- 3/1 4/- 5/1
Loaded Weight (kg) 400 664 735 950
Chambers 3+Floor(2) 3+Floor(2) 3+Floor(2) 3+Floor(2)
Floor Air V-Floor Air V-Floor Air V-Floor Air V-Floor
Category D C C C
Honda Marine Brochure
Honda Marine
Honda Marine Accessories Brochure
Honda Marine
Honda Marine Price List
Honda Marine
Price List
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