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RIBs & Inflatables

RIBS & Inflatables

Highfield RIBS
HonWave Inflatables
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Highfield OceanMaster 590T

Midway Boats are a supplier of RIB's and inflatables and are dealers for new Honwave Inflatables and Honda's boat partner, Highfield Boats. With their range of RIB's and inflatables from the Honwave 2m to Highfield's Ocean Master series 5.9m there is plenty of choice whatever for all of your requirements.

Highfield Inflatables have evolved from many years of development in some of the toughest conditions in the world, the Great Barrier Reef of tropical Northern Australia.

Portable and lightweight, Honwave inflatables are perfect as a tender for coastal exploration, fishing or simply gliding over the open water.

With the addition of a Honda marine engine, the pair will make it easy riding all the way.

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Sell Your Boat with Midway Boats Nantwich Cheshire
Sell Your Boat with Midway Boats Nantwich Cheshire